Messenger IRC Theme

An IRC inspired theme for Facebook Messenger's web application.


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JavaScript (ES6), SASS, Gulp, Git, Chrome Platform APIs


This Chrome extension transforms the look and feel of the Facebook Messenger web application into something reminiscent to that of a traditional IRC client. The intent of this extension was to bring the focus of Facebook Messenger back to its roots (i.e being primarily a messaging client) while retaining the full functionality of the platform. Notable changes to the overall UI and UX of the client include:

  • Applying a dark, minimal theme inspired by IRC clients
  • Moving all messages to the left-hand side of the screen
  • Modifying image previews to be less intrusive and flow better in the conversation feed
  • Removing profile pictures from the conversation feed to reduce clutter
  • Users can choose between displaying the conversation participants' names or replacing them with a ">" indicator for their messages and a "+" indicator for messages from the person/people they are chatting with


Who doesn’t love a good dark mode? This Chrome extension brings a much needed dark theme to Facebook Messenger, not only to make it easier on the eyes, but also to reduce the in-app clutter that adds unnecessary noise to the core messaging experience.