React Pokédex

An overly complex Pokédex web application built using modern technologies.


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Node.js, Express, React, Redux, JavaScript (ES6), Postgres, SASS, Gulp, Git


The React Pokédex project was born out of a love for Pokémon and a desire to learn new technologies. With the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, my friend Pia and I decided that we wanted to work on some sort of project to celebrate the next generation of Pokémon. Enter React Pokédex. Being front-end developers, although we could have stuck with familiar technologies and built a purely front-end project, we decided to test ourselves by building a complete full-stack solution with as many new technologies for us as possible. Not only would this challenge us to grow, but doing so would also make the finished product that much more rewarding. The end result of this decision was an React-based, responsive front-end powered by a Node.js (Express) backend that uses Postgres for its database.


Highlights from developing this project include:

  • Re-learning React and learning Redux
  • Architecting a Postgres database using self-scrapped data
  • Writing a web scrapper with Node.js and deciding how to best store the data for future insertion into the database